I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when these two got on twitter, but certainly not this.


so you’ve fallen in love with an under appreciated actor with a terrible filmography: a memoir


"Those people down there, they’re never small to me. Don’t make assumptions about how far I will go to protect them because I’ve already come a very long way and unlike you I do not expect to reach The Promise Land."

Everybody’s born with some different thing at the core of their existence. And that thing, whatever it is, becomes like a heat source that runs each person from the inside. I have one too, of course. Like everybody else. But sometimes it gets out of hand. It swells or shrinks inside me, and it shakes me up. What I’d really like to do is find a way to communicate that feeling to another person. But I can’t seem to do it. They just don’t get it. Of course, the problem could be that I’m not explaining it very well, but I think it’s because they’re not listening very well. They pretend to be listening, but they’re not, really. So I get worked up sometimes, and I do some crazy things.
Haruki Murakami,The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (via chaosoftroubles);

Disney’s Peter Pan (1953)

Does the companion actress usually share a credit screen with the Doctor at the end of the episode? Here’s hoping it’s a sign that the series will continue to be carried equally by two fantastic leads.

*Wildly applaudes Jenna Coleman*